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Got the Official Objection from Atari

Wednesday, January 4, 2012
We received Atari's official objection. Basically, they claim that their "Haunted House" game precludes anyone else from using the words "Haunted" and "House" in a computer or video game title. We are reviewing our options.
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Latest Update Regarding Atari

Thursday, October 13, 2011
Today, two days before Atari's time to oppose was up, it filed for and was granted a two-month extension of time to oppose our trademark. We have not been contacted by Atari regarding this, nor did Atari say what its opposition might be. It seems like we are unlikely to hear anything from Atari again until right before Christmas. We are continuing to work on the game, and will let you know as soon as we hear anything else. Sorry for this delay, and we'll keep you posted.
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Status of Haunted House Tycoon

Saturday, October 1, 2011
Oct. 1, 2011 - We got an interesting postcard from the United States Trademark office this week. We have applied for the trademark on Haunted House Tycoon. Two days before the period to oppose it, and much to our surprise, Atari asked the patent office to extend the period of opposition. They did not say why, and we have been trying to find out. I wish finding out was as easy as calling Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, who we had at SIEGE last year. However, he and Atari parted ways long ago.

As best we can tell, Atari is concerned that Haunted House Tycoon somehow threatens their trademark for Haunted House, a game they release for the 2600 back in the early 80s and rereleased late last year. Needless to say, we don’t think any company can claim to own the term “Haunted House,” but if they do contest it, it will delay things.

We are holding off posting anything about the game until we have a better sense of what is going on. We hope this won’t take long and that we will be able to post the demo soon. Thanks for your patience!
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Welcome to Haunted House Tycoon

Saturday, February 26, 2011
Thanks for coming to take a look at Haunted House Tycoon, a darkly humorous new PC game (and we hope Mac as well) built with the Unity engine and by a diverse team of industry veterans and new designers. Haunted House Tycoon lets you create the scariest place on Earth, a money-making bonanza, a home where real monsters can live in peace and harmony, or any combination of these.

We’ve focused on the aspects of tycoon games we like the most – the ability to build as you see fit, to customize almost all of the game's variables in order to make it the game you want to play, a strong economic engine, and so on. In addition, we are adding a greater character focus than most other Tycoon games have had, with unique employees who work with and against others, a wide array of customers (or victims, in Haunted House speak), and characteristics players can easily change.

The game is in development as we speak, and we will post updates here. We are very interested in your thoughts and feedback, so please feel free to post in the forums. While most of the forums focus on Haunted House Tycoon, we have a few more general ones as well. We enjoy debating the merits of various monsters, so we have one forum for you to discuss the merits of your favorites. In addition, we had little luck finding an active forum to discuss Tycoon games, so please feel free to visit the Tycoon Games forum and talk about any aspects of them you like.

The web site is also a work in progress. For instance, the images on the download page are by no means final game scenes. Friends just asked us for a Thriller homage and a Vampire club, and there they are. We welcome your comments for the web site - what you like, what could be improved, and what is needed.
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